How much and for what kind of clients’ actions the merchant will pay the affiliate is determined in the offer rates, which will come into force only after its activation.
In the case when an offer involves several rates, the rates can be activated selectively.
Note, that you cannot edit an offer rate that has ever been activated:
You cannot edit an active offer rate.
You cannot change a rate that has already been activated, even if the offer itself has not been activated.
Please make sure, that the rates are set correctly. In case you identify that the changes are necessary,[ edit the offer ]( change the offer rates.
In order to activate the offer rates, go to the Offers → Offers section and click on the three points at the selected offer → Rates activation → Activate the selected rates.

In case the rate is activated successfully, the toggle button will turn blue.

The rates can be deactivated from here as well. To disable the tariff, just turn the toggle button to the inactive position.
Offer activation conditions:
paused rate cannot be reactivated. In order to add the rate to the offer again, simply create a new rate in the offer (the Edit button → Rates) and activate it.
there cannot be 2 active rate with the same name in the same offer. In case you add a new rate having a similar name as the active one, the active rate will be automatically disabled after the new rate is activated.
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