General information

The network creates an offer in agreement with the advertiser in HOQU. Affiliates create campaigns based on the offer and attract customers to the advertiser's resource who make conversions. Affiliates request a reward from the network. The network, in turn, invoices the advertiser for the amount of confirmed conversions of affiliates plus the network's commission.

How can I view the invoices?

To do this, go to Finance -> Invoices.

On the page that opens, a list of all invoices will be presented with information: creation date, by which network, for what period, payment term, status, amount and details. It is also possible to view detailed account information, download account information in PDF.

All invoices that are awaiting payment or confirmation from the network have the status “UNPAID”. After you have paid the invoice, contact the network manager to mark the invoice as paid, its status will change to PAID, and the specified amount will be debited from your account.
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