The data and the number of network managers are managed in the Network → Employees section.

Each network should have at least 2 managers - affiliate manager and advertiser manager to add new network members successfully.

The card of the first manager (network creator profile) will be created automatically. It will be filled out on the basis of the data specified by you in the Account → Profile section.

The manager’s card represents a kind of business card. When an advertiser or webmaster is assigned to the manager, this network member receives this “business card” with the contact details of their personal manager.

To edit the data in the manager’s card, open the menu by clicking on the symbol from three points→ Edit.

The addition of new managers is carried out by the button Add employee.

Fill in all the necessary fields and click the Save button.

Subsequently, the added network manager will be able to enter the application from the general login page using the email address and password specified in their card.
The interface of the manager’s personal account is identical to the interface of the account of the owner of the network (the one who created it) with some restrictions.
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