Billing to advertiser

HOQU provides the functionality of invoicing the advertiser by the network for confirmed conversions.

General information

The network creates an offer in agreement with the advertiser in HOQU. Affiliates create campaigns based on the offer and attract customers to the advertiser's resource who make conversions. Affiliates request a reward from the network. The network, in turn, invoices the advertiser for the amount of confirmed conversions of affiliates plus the network's commission.

How do I bill an advertiser?

To do this, go to Finance -> Invoices.

There is a list of all previously issued invoices by your network: creation date, for which advertiser, for what period, payment term, status, amount and details. It is also possible to view detailed invoice information, download invoice information in PDF or mark it as paid.

To create a new account, click on the button in the upper right corner.

In the form, indicate the status of the invoice: paid, unpaid, or sent for payment. Select the advertiser to invoice. Specify the currency (if you want to invoice in multiple currencies, you need to create a separate invoice for each currency). Further, if necessary, indicate the period for which the invoice is issued, the due date, a comment and billing details.

Then click the Prepare invoice button: information about the amounts for the specified period will appear.

Next, click the Create button. The invoice information will appear on the invoice page, click the Submit button to send it to the advertiser.

After the advertiser has paid the bill, you can mark it as paid.

How to add details for invoices?

To add details for invoices issued to advertisers, go to the section Networks -> Billing details.

On the page, you can edit or delete an existing attribute, or add a new one.

A modal window for adding a new attribute will open.

Indicate the status of the requisite: active or inactive; name of billing details; description. Next, in the Fields form, specify the name and value of billing details, if you need to specify several details, use the Add new field button. After all the fields are filled in, click the Add button to create a new billing details.

If necessary, you can always edit or delete it.

After creating billing details, it also appears in the form for creating a new account. You can specify billing details you have created.
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