General information, requirements and restrictions

This functionality is designed to massively change lead statuses (conversions) using a CSV file. You can change the status of conversions to “Approved” or “Rejected” from any of three possible statuses: new, approved, or declined. The functionality does not allow you to assign a “New” status to the conversion.

Limit on the number of lines in a CSV file - no more than 10,000 lines. The separator between fields is a comma.

Possible combinations:

conversion_uuid (conversion UUID) + status (conversion status to be assigned: APPROVED or REJECTED). The Conversion UUID is located on the Conversions page under the Conversion UUID column.

conversion_id (conversion ID) + status (conversion status to be assigned: APPROVED or REJECTED). The conversion ID is located in the ID column on the Conversions page.

offer_id (offer ID) + request_id + status (conversion status, which must be assigned: APPROVED or REJECTED). The Request ID is located on the Conversions page in the Request ID column.

To find out the offer ID, go to the Offer page, look at the URL after the offer – it will contain the ID value.

conversion_uuid + status (APPROVED or REJECTED) + cost (for percentage rates).
conversion_id + status (APPROVED or REJECTED) + cost (for percentage rates).
offer_id + request_id + status (APPROVED or REJECTED) + cost (for interest rates).

Here is the link to the file with an example for each format:

How do I update my conversion status?

To do this, go to the Conversions section.

Next, click the Upload a CSV file button.

A window will open to download the file.

Upload the CSV file according to the requirements described above, and then click the Verify button.

After clicking on the button, processing of the file will start.

Wait until the file is processed.

After the file has been processed, a modal window will appear with the results of reading the uploaded file:

Will be processed - the number of found conversions whose statuses will be changed.
No conversions found - the number of conversions not found will not be processed.
Erroneous data - conversions were found, but there were errors in other fields (typos, empty cell, etc.), such conversions will not be processed.

If necessary, you can click on Show to view the list of conversions for each item and copy the data. You can always correct errors for the specified conversions and re-upload the file for review.

To start the process of changing conversion statuses, click the Confirm button. A green alert icon will signal you that the process has begun.

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