Choose an offer
In the My workspace → Offers section, you can find information about the offers of the networks of which you are a member. In other words, this section displays a list of offers for which you can create an advertising campaign.

Detailed information on each of the offers is available through the More button.
We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the Detailed Information And Rules of the offer, that are available through the More button, in advance. To the right of the detailed information, there is an opportunity to look the promotional tools of the offer.

2.Create a campaign

To create a campaign for the offer that interests you, click Create campaign button and fill in the form that appears:
• indicate the name of the advertising campaign;
• select one of the allowed traffic sources;
• you can provide links to landing pages, websites, ads on bulletin boards, etc. in the notes.

Read the rules of the offer, tick the agreement with the rules of the offer and click on Create Campaign.
You can create several campaigns for the same offer to different traffic sources.

Customize an affiliate link or edit the campaign before activating it (optional)
A page with information about the campaign will open. In the future, the transition to the campaign’s page will be carried out through the Campaigns → click on the name of the campaign. .
Use the Edit button if you need to make changes to the campaign.

After the campaign is created, an affiliate will receive an affiliate link to which traffic is sent as part of this campaign. The link is available at the bottom of the campaign page.

Activate the campaign
Click the Activate button on the page with information about the campaign that opens after the campaign is created. The created campaign will appear in the list with the “Created” status. To activate a campaign, click on the symbol consisting of three points on the right side of the table → Activate. Upon successful activation, the campaign’s status will change to “Active”.

If the offer involves moderation, after activation, the campaign will be sent to the network for moderation. In this case, the status of the offer will first change to “Pending”. In case of successful moderation, the campaign will receive the “Active” status, otherwise, the status will be changed to “Declined”. In case of rejection, the campaign can be sent for re-moderation after adjustments are made.
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