Why do I need a custom tracking domain?

Custom tracking domain is used to generate tracking links in all affiliate campaigns. By default, the HOQU domain trackerhqu.com is applied to all tracking links for all networks. A regular tracking link looks like this:


If you configured a custom tracking domain for your network (for example, https://test.com), the tracking link for all the affiliates in your network will change to this link:


How do I setup a custom tracking domain?

To do this, go to the Network -> White Label section, then to the Tracker domain tab.

In the Tracker domain form, enter your domain value without https://.

Important: the custom domain must be a 3rd level or more subdomain of your main domain (for example: track.yourdomain.com).

Let’s see how it works. Go to the Tracker domain tab, and write the test.test.com domain, and then click Save.

Next, write down the specified DNS records on the side of your domain hosting provider. Updating DNS records usually takes up to 24 hours, – it depends on your provider and HOQU cannot speed up the process.

After the domain has been verified, its status will change from Waiting for setting to Active: from now on, this custom domain is applied to all the tracking links within your network.

You can change or delete a custom tracking domain at any time. In case of changing the domain, you will need to register new values ​​for DNS records on the side of your domain hosting provider. If the domain is deleted, trackerhqu.com will be used by default in all the tracking links.

Important: if you delete DNS records and the domain itself, all the affiliate traffic data generated under this domain will be lost.
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