This step is required to start working with the platform.
Go to the Network → Settings section and fill in the required and optional fields.

The information specified in this section is the data that advertisers and affiliates will see when viewing information about the network:
Network name.
Type (several types can be selected).
The main currency of the network is the currency in which the network makes payments.
Subsequently, when creating an offer, only those currencies that are specified here in the settings can be set as the currency.
Country and contact details.
Only the country data will be displayed for advertisers and affiliates. The rest of the specified contact details will be available only to HOQU platform managers to communicate with the network if necessary.

Description of the network.
The description of the network will allow advertisers and webmasters to familiarize themselves with the features of your network when deciding to join.
The description can be added in two languages ​​- Russian and English. Switch between the tabs with the language name in the upper right corner of the window to add a description in the selected language. If there is no description in Russian, users will see the description in English by default, and vice versa.
Network rules.
By analogy with the description, the rules can also be added in Russian and English.
An agreement that describes and regulates key points in the relationship of the network with its participants.
The agreement can be added in Russian and English.
When sending an application for joining, advertisers and affiliates will confirm their agreement with this Agreement.
In addition to the Agreement, the network may subsequently conclude an agreement with the network member after it has joined the network. The decision on the need to conclude an agreement is determined by the network itself.
Custom domain.
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