What is Parallel Tracking?

Parallel tracking is a new type of tracking from Google for Google Ads that makes landing pages load faster and reduces the likelihood of users closing them before pages load.

Parallel tracking is a must for all Google Ads accounts.

Difference between regular and parallel tracking

In the case of standard tracking, the user clicks on the ad and then there are 2 consecutive transitions: the affiliate link of the affiliate (the link of the campaign generated in your personal account), and then the transition to the final URL to the advertiser's website.

During the second click, parameters of the network you are working with will be added to the link, as well as the advertiser's parameters, which will allow the network to record the redirect, and the advertiser - to determine in their statistics that the transition belongs to you.

Parallel tracking takes the user straight to the landing page and loads the tracking template in the background.

Parallel tracking and activity tracking

If you leave the ad settings unchanged, then the user's redirect to the site with Google Ads will not be marked by the parameters of the network you are working with, nor by the advertiser's tags.

So, for an advertiser, such a transition will look like organic traffic. And the network on the HOQU platform will be deprived of the ability to track such redirect: although the affiliate link will be loaded in the background, it will not work to match it with the main redirect to the target page due to the lack of network’s parameters in it.

In order for events for your ads to be correctly recorded even in conditions of parallel tracking, you need to do 2 steps:

1 - enable auto-tagging in your Google Ads account (see Google Help for auto-tagging)

2 - to customize your ads, use the final URLs, tracking templates and final URL suffixes, which you will find on the campaign edit page in your personal account.

Getting a tracking link for Google Ads

In order to get a tracking link for Google Ads, you, as a publisher, need to go to the page of the offer campaign and find the campaign URL.

My workspace -> My campaigns -> More ->GAds

Click on the “GAds” icon and proceed to setting up a link for Google Ads.

You can copy all the necessary links for setting up advertising in Google Ads in the fields after the “Links for your ad in Google Ads” section.

Final URL - link to the advertiser's website, paste it into the corresponding field on Google Ads.

Tracking Template- your tracking link for Google Ads, add it to your account.

Final URL suffix - Add a suffix with click_id and glcid to the corresponding field on Google Ads.
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