A promo code is one of the types of promotional tools in offers. It is a code, consisting of letters or numbers or both. A promo code gives a user the right to purchase a product or service on certain preferential terms.

How it works

The network adds information about promo codes to the Promo tools section of the offer. Affiliates place promo codes along with a tracking link on their resources. Users, following the tracking link to the advertiser's website, apply a promo code and receive preferential terms when purchasing a product or service.

In case, a promo code is unique for a certain affiliate, no tracking link is needed.

Where can I find information on offers with promo codes?

To view information about all promotional codes available to you, go to My Workspace -> Promo tools.

Next, go to the Promo codes tab.

The tab will contain information about all the promo codes available to you: names & descriptions, relevant and campaigns each promo code applies to.

In the Campaign column, a ‘For all campaigns’ phrase means that this promo code is applicable for all campaigns.

If the name of a specific campaign is indicated in the Campaign column, then it means that the promo code is applicable for this exact campaign. Such a promo code is private. It can be used separately from the tracking link if the integration is properly configured.

More information about integration by promo codes can be found here (article will appear later).

If the promo code is applicable for all campaigns, that is, it is not private, the use of a tracking link is mandatory.

You can also view information about promo codes on the offer page in the Promo tools section.

Or on the campaign page.
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