Admitad is an affiliate network that acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. In this article we will cover the topic of integrating HOQU with Admitad offers.

Step 1. Creating a tracking link and a macro on HOQU

In the edit mode of the offer card, in the tracking section, go to the Tracking link field, insert the affiliate tracking link from the corresponding affiliate program in Admitad.

In the macros field, substitute the parameter with the name of the parameter from Admitad, which must be equal to the {click_id} parameter.


subid={click_id}, where

subid is the name of the parameter in Admitad
{click_id} is the value of the redirect to HOQU

Step 2. Setting up a postback in Admitad

In the affiliate account in Admitad, go to the Tools -> Optimization code -> Add new optimization code section.

Fill in the fields as follows:

Editing the optimization code

Event type: select "about action"
Site: select the site through which traffic will go
Program: Affiliate program matching the HOQU offer
Tariff: choose the tariff corresponding to the payment on HOQU
Action type: select the action corresponding to the payment on HOQU
Request type: "GET" (or "Post", whichever is more convenient)
Payment status: "Created"
Link: add a link from the Detailed information and rules -> Integration -> S2S Integration CPA section in the card of the corresponding offer on HOQU, and remove all values ​​after the question mark, and remove the question mark itself.


`action `– action name of the corresponding offer rate (same as Action in HOQU offer card)
`click_id `– parameter value, you put into offer macro (see Step 1)
request_id – for e-com offers in Admitad you can use order_id or any other unique parameter
status – to create a new conversion, awaiting confirmation or decline, use hold status

If you create or add a conversion in the approved status, you need to do the same (setup another postback in Admitad), only select Confirmed in the Payment status postback settings field. And in the parameters of your link, in the status parameter, specify the value approved.


Step 3. Creating a test order

In order to check the correctness of the integration settings, create a test conversion.

To do that, connect the test affiliate to the corresponding offer on HOQU. In the affiliate's account, create a campaign for the offer and activate the link.

Copy the link in the Tracking link section, follow it from another browser or in incognito mode and make a test order.


Make sure that the test conversion is displayed in the personal account of the test affiliate and in your network account on HOQU. Possible errors can be viewed in your network account, in the Logs -> Incoming postbacks section. If you have any additional questions, please contact your HOQU manager.
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