If you use Adsterra as a traffic source, and you want to pass there information about conversions from your affiliate account on the HOQU platform, then you need to do the following: 1) create a campaign on HOQU in your affiliate account, 2) create an offer (campaign) in your advertiser's account in Adsterra, 3) place postback, generated on Adsterra to your HOQU affiliate account, 4) test the integration.

Creating a campaign in HOQU (affiliate account)

Create a campaign for the desired offer in the desired network on the HOQU platform. Don't forget to activate your campaign right away (or after complete setup) but before testing.

Go to editing the tracking link in the campaign card:

In the open pop-up, configure the campaign URL. To do this, add the {subid} macro to the tracking link. This is necessary in order to receive a unique click id from Adsterra. As a result, you get a link similar to:


where subid1 - is where the unique click id generated by Adsterra will be passed

Copy the final link.

Creating a campaign in Adsterra

At this stage, you need to paste the campaign link copied above as a tracking url in your Adsterra account.

To do this,

In your Adsterra advertiser account, open the Campaigns tab and click Create. Fill in the required information about target countries and device types, as well as information about the preferred traffic type.

Paste the link you copied in the previous step into the Landing URL field. Finish creating your campaign by completing the rest of the fields in the campaign card. Important: your campaign must be approved by your Adsterra manager before you proceed to the next step.

Postback setup

After you have created both campaigns, and they are both active, you need to get a postback link in your Adsterra advertiser account. Postback link is a link that allows HOQU pass information about conversion to Adsterra.

To do this, you need to set up the basic postback link using Adsterra documentation or this tutorial.

1) The basic postback link in Adsterra looks like:


where NAMEOFADVERTISER is your advertiser name in Adsterra

and CLICKID is the unique id of the click in Adsterra

To integrate with HOQU, replace NAMEOFADVERTISER with your advertiser name (let's say it's HOQU), and CLICKID with {subid1}

As a result, we get a link similar to:

http://www.pbterra.com/name/HOQU/at?subid= {subid1}

You can also generate this link in your Adsterra account.

Copy the link you get.

2) Go to your affiliate account on HOQU, find the Integration -> Postbacks section.

Paste the Adsterra postback link copied in the previous step, select the offer or campaign for which you want to get statistics in Adsterra, as well as the conversion status to which you want to send the postback.

You can also pass additional data collected by HOQU to Adsterra (for example, lead id, offer number, action name, conversion cost, etc.). A complete list of macros is available on the postback creation page.

Once you are done, click save.

Integration testing

Before running traffic, test the integration with your Adsterra manager. If you make sure that the statistics on test conversion are displayed in both your Adsterra and HOQU account, congratulations! The integration has been configured successfully.
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