If you have an affiliate account on a network which uses the Cake Marketing platform and want to integrate with your network on HOQU platform, then you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Getting a tracking link

Log into your affiliate account on the Cake platform, and copy the campaign link to the desired offer. Go to the Creatives tab and copy the desired link.

The link for the campaign on the Cake platform usually looks like this:


Copy the campaign link and proceed to the second step.

Step 2. Creating an offer on HOQU

Go to your network account on HOQU, create an offer. Fill in the required fields on the Main and Working conditions tabs.

Next, in the Tracking tab, in the Tracking link field, paste the campaign link you received in Cake.

Now, configure how the click id value will be passed from HOQU to Cake. Typically, Cake uses the &s2= parameter to pass {click_id}.

Use &s1= to pass either campaign id or affiliate id to HOQU.

So your link will look like:


If you want to pass some more data to Cake, you can use the rest of Cake's sub accounts for this purpose (s3, s4, etc.). The list of available HOQU macros is located on the left of the macro input field.

Fill in the rest of the required and optional (if needed) fields in the Tracking tab.

Next, in the Rates tab, create a payout rate for the offer.

Enter the appropriate name for the rate in the Action field (for example, Leads), and enter its description in the Action description field, for example:

Save the rate.

Step 3. Setting up a postback URL

After you have created an offer in your HOQU network, go to the offer card and scroll down to the Integration section.


Copy the postback URL. The postback looks like:


Next, go to your Cake account, go to the offer card, to the Testing & Tracking tab and paste the postback URL.

The Cake offer card has one field for setting the s2s pixel. We recommend that you insert the postback URL for the confirmed conversion there.

So, after pasting the default postback link in this field, replace:

{click_id} with #s2#
{request_id} with #tid#
{action} with Leads /as in our example/
{status} with approved
{price} with #price# - this is an optional field, needed only for the percentage rate aka revshare

As a result, your postback link on a confirmed lead will look like this:


Save changes on the page.

You can also check the following articles on Cake:

How to Manage Affiliate Campaign Pixels

How Affiliates Can Use Tokens to Send Dynamic Values in Pixels

Important: the postback link in this manual is used as an example. In order for the integration to be successful, copy your unique link in the offer card in your network on HOQU and make sure you substitute the Action in &action= with the Action name of your offer rate (we use Leads action name as an example in this tutorial).

Step 4. Testing

In order to test the integration, create a test affiliate account on HOQU, join your Network, and create a campaign for an offer from Cake.

Next, you can test in two ways:

Manual testing: follow the campaign link and perform the targeted action, then make sure that the conversion is displayed in Cake statistics, in your network’s statistics, as well as in the statistics of a test affiliate.

Automated testing: copy the campaign link, go to your Cake account, go to the offer card, to the Testing & Tracking tab and paste the link into the Test Link field.

Next, click the Test Offer button and follow the Cake instructions here (see Section 3: How To Test Campaigns).
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