What is IPQualityScore?

IPQualityScore (IPQS) is an anti-fraud service that detects fraudulent traffic from affiliates. More information about the IPQS solutions and services can be found here – https://www.ipqualityscore.com/features/prevent-affiliate-ad-fraud.

Configuring anti-fraud integration of HOQU with IPQS

In order to set up the integration, you must be registered with IPQS. If you don't have an account yet, go to the registration link https://www.ipqualityscore.com/create-account and create an account.

Once you have created an IPQS account, log into your HOQU account.

Next, in your HOQU account, go to the Partners -> Integrations section. Find IPQualityScore in the list of partners, and click Connect.

The integration settings window will open:

To enable integration with IPQS, check the box next to Active and enter your IPQS API key (the API key can be found in your IPQS account).

Additionally, you can specify:

Allow public access

Allows corporate and public connections like Institutions, Hotels, Businesses, Universities, etc.


Forces the IP to be scored as a mobile device. Passing the "user_agent" will automatically detect the device type.

Lighter penalties

Reduces scoring and proxy detection for mixed quality IP addresses to prevent false positives of anti-fraud.

Strictness level

Uses the lowest strictness (0-3) for Fraud Scoring. Increasing this value will expand the tests IPQS performs. Levels 2+ have a higher risk of false-positives. The IPQS team recommends starting at 0, i.e. from the lowest strictness level, increasing the level if necessary.

After all the necessary settings are set, click the Connect button. Integration with IPQS will be enabled for this network.

Connecting IPQS to HOQU offers

After you have enabled general integration for the entire network, you need to enable the integration for specific offers for which you need anti-fraud data. To do this, in the main menu, go to the section with the list of offers and select the offer you are interested in.

Select the desired offer and click on its name. On the offer page, click Edit.

In the offer editing mode, go to the Services tab and check the IPQualityScore box, then save the changes.

After saving the changes made, the traffic for this offer will be sent for analysis to fraud in IPQS.

To view the results of traffic analysis, go to your personal account in IPQS.
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