How do I request a payment?

The payout method contains information on which details the network should transfer the reward to the affiliate. To create a payout method, go to your profile.

Next - the "Payout Methods" tab

Here you will see a list of all the payment methods you have created and information on them: for which network, name (for example, cash or PayPal), currency.

To add a new payment method, click the "Add" button in the upper right corner.

A modal window will appear to create a payout method.

Select a network, a payment method (created by a network), a name of the method, specify the details for payment. Below you will find information on the commission, minimum and maximum payout amounts.

After all the required fields are filled in, click the Add button - a new method will appear on the page. You can always edit or delete it by clicking on the ellipsis to the right.

Also, if the payout method is disabled (the network cannot make payments to you by this method), a corresponding plate about the disconnection of the payment method will appear.

After the payout method has been created, you need to generate a payment request. This can be done from the payment method section.

Or the payout requests section.

How to create a payment request?

In order to generate a payment request, go to Finance -> Payment requests.

This page contains a history of all your requests to the networks for payment, as well as additional information: request ID, date and time of creation, network, payoutt method (for example, cash or PayPal), amount in the selected currency, amount of funds to be paid, status (Paid, Waiting for approval, Approved, or Declined, status updated by the network) Date and time the request was completed or declined.

To generate a new payout request, click the Request payout button in the upper right corner.

A modal window for generating a new payment request will open.

Specify the required fields: wallet (information about your balance in different networks, more information is available in the Finance -> Wallets section), payout method, amount.

Additionally, information will appear about the details of the network, the commission of the method and your balance on this wallet.

After all the fields are filled in, click the "Send Request" button. The new request will appear on the page in the "Waiting for approval" status.

A new request will appear on the network, after its processing, the status will also be updated for you: to "Paid" or "Declined" (with information about the reason for the rejection).

Tracking wallet balances

After successful payment, the wallet balance will also decrease by the amount paid. You can track balances across all networks in the Finance -> Wallets section.

To view the history of transactions for a wallet, click on the ellipsis on the right -> Transactions.

A page will open with a list of all deposit and write-off transactions for this wallet.

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