A custom payout allows you to set up a personal offer rate for specific affiliates, regardless of the basic rate. In HOQU, custom payouts can be set up in two ways: through the Custom Payouts section or using the private offer rate method.

Setting up payments through the Custom Payouts section

This type of payment is generated based on the network commission and is initiated by the network. It is used to reward the best affiliates and provide them with special working conditions.

To set up a custom payout, go to the Offers -> Custom Payments section.

The page that opens contains a list of all custom rates within this network. To add a new one, click the Create button in the upper right corner.

A form for creating an individual payout will open.

Fill out the form specifying the offer, rate, affiliate (you can choose several), and a custom rate (counted in percentage), and then click the Add button.

After that, the custom payout will appear in the list on the page. You can also edit or delete a custom payout by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the table.

Setting up a payment using the private rate method

This type of payment is initiated by the advertiser to stimulate and reward the work of specific affiliates and create certain working conditions for them.

To do this, select the offer you need in the Offers -> Offers section in the left menu.

Select the offer you are interested in, click Edit and go to the Rates tab, then click the Add button.

Specify the rate type as Private, and then indicate the affiliates for whom it will apply.

After saving the data, the new custom rate will appear on the Rates tab page. Use a switcher to turn it on. And don’t forget to save the changes.

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