Network with turned on Visibility (Network → Setting → Privacy) operates as the open network. The Network is displayed in the general list of networks for advertisers and affiliates who are able to send applications for joining the network.
Viewing applications for joining the network

Applications for joining the network are displayed in the Members section:
Affiliates: Members → Affiliates → Requests
Advertisers: Members → Advertisers → Requests
Click on the three dots to the right to open the menu of all actions available for application:

view profile;
view a list of offers;
reject - it will be possible to submit the application again;
ban - no ability to apply again.
Application Confirmation
After clicking the Accept button, a window with brief information about the user who sent the application will appear. In the Survey tab, there will be answers to questionnaire questions for joining the network, if they are specified in the Network settings. The answers are also available in the user’s profile (Profile button → Information details).

Assign a personal manager for the network member and click Accept. Upon confirmation of the application, the new member will be displayed in the All tab (Members → Affiliates/Advertisers → All). Note: when the request is accepted by the affiliate manager or advertiser manager, there will be no need to assign a manager. The manager approving the participant’s application is automatically assigned to the new network participant.
If Autoapprove function turned on in the Network settings (Network → Settings), applications of advertisers and affiliates will be accepted automatically and new participants will immediately be displayed in the general list of participants (Members → Affiliates/Advertisers → All).

Contact a new network member
When accepting the application for joining the network from the advertiser, the personal manager appointed for them needs to contact the advertiser to discuss working conditions, sign an agreement if necessary, and obtain the data necessary to create an offer.
Contacts for communication with the new member are indicated on his card. Click on the name of a network member to open his card.
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