Network news section allows you to communicate all the important events regarding your brand, network or offer to all network participants.

To add a new news, go to the section Network -> News.

The News section contains information about all news previously added by this network. To add a new news item, click on the Add button in the upper right corner.

Next, fill out the news creation form: add news headline; select its status: published if the publication of the news is necessary immediately after creation and not published for publication in the future.

Also, select the participants to whom the news will be available: for all network members, only for advertisers or only for affiliates; select news language: Russian or English; add news text; images for news and date of publication - at the specified date and time the news will be published to users.

After all information about the news is filled out, click the Add button. The news will appear in the news list of your network.

You can also edit, hide or delete news at any time by clicking on the ellipsis in the news table.

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