How to change network settings?

To change network settings, go to the Network -> Information section

Information about your network specified in this section will be shown to advertisers and affiliates:

Type. Specified offers types your network specialized in. Multiple types can be selected.
Currency. The main currencies in which the network makes payments. When creating an offer, you can specify the exact currency relevant to this or that offer.
Country and contact details, phone and email. For affiliates and advertisers, only information about the country of the network will be shown. Network contact information is only required for HOQU managers to contact you when needed.

Network description. Allows affiliates and advertisers to get a closer look at the network and make a more informed decision about whether to apply to join your network. The network description can be added in two languages: Russian and English. To change the language, use the radio button above the text entry form. If there is no description of the network in Russian, users will be shown the description in English by default, and vice versa.
Network rules. Like the network description, network rules can be added in two languages.
Network agreement. The agreement describes key conditions in the process of interaction of the network with its participants. The agreement can be added in Russian and English. When sending a request to join the network, advertisers and affiliates confirm their agreement with the terms of the network. In addition to the main agreement, the network may subsequently enter an additional agreement with the network participants after they join the network.

Network logo.
Personal tracking domain. You can learn more about the personal tracking domain in this article:

To change the name of the network, go to the network profile settings by clicking on the network avatar in the upper right corner of your personal account.

In the Name field, enter the name of the network, which will be displayed for all members of the network, as well as in the HOQU marketplace (if you are listed there).

Remember to save your changes.

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