Offers have two levels of access: public and private. Public offers are available to all affiliates of your network.

To change the access level, go to the section with the list of offers Offers -> Offers in the left menu.

Select the offer you are interested in and click the Edit button.

Go to the Working conditions tab and change the publicity level of the offer, and then save the changes.

How to add affiliates to a private offer?

To do this, go to Offers -> Private Offers section in the left menu.

Find the desired offer and click on the three dots on the right, then click to the Manage private access section.

In the open pop up window, add the affiliates you want to grant access to, and then click the Save button.

The affiliates you specified will then see this private offer in the list of offers in their personal account and will be able to run this offer with no additional actions.
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