Events allow the network and advertisers to track users activity within the offer before and after conversion.

How do I add an event?

To add an event, go to the Offers -> Events section in the left menu.

The page that opens contains a list of all events set up by your network. To add a new one, click the Add Event button in the upper right corner.

A form for adding a new event will open. Specify the advertiser, event name and event activity status, and then click the Save button.

The new event will appear in the list of events.

How do I enable events?

To do this, go to the offer editing page, to the Tracking tab:

Next, scroll down to the Events box, check it to allow the advertiser track events for the offer. Then, select the events you’ve added earlier and would like to track.

Don’t forget to save your changes.

How do I track events?

After adding events to the offer, go to the offer card, to the Integrations section. A postback URL and an event pixel will appear there. And below, in the Parameters and Events section, you’ll see a description of the {event_id} parameter, and the IDs of active events within the offer.

Pass this piece of information to the advertiser in order to be able to track and view events on the offer in your network reports.
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