Within your network, actions with advertisers can be performed by users with the following roles: a network owner, network admin, and advertiser manager.

Go to Members -> Advertisers

The page that opens contains a list of all advertisers who want to join your network or have already joined. The Joined status means that the advertiser is already connected to the network.

To learn how to create an advertiser account, visit the following article page - https://hoqu.crisp.help/en/article/creating-an-advertiser-account-in-your-network-zi4t2t/

To change the online status of an advertiser, click on the three dots to the right.

Profile. View advertiser profile.
Offers. View the list of offers for which this user is listed as an advertiser.
Change balance. Top-up the balance of the advertiser.
Block. Block an advertiser without the ability to send an application for re-joining the network.
Create an offer. Creation of an offer indicating this user as an advertiser.
Disable. Disconnecting the user from the network with the assignment of the status Not active.
Wallets. View advertiserr's wallets.
Change manager. Changing the advertiser's personal manager.
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