What is White Label?

White Label is a technology that allows networks to use HOQU functionality under their own brand by using their own domain and customizing the interface of the network.

The main feature of white label is that when signed up and signed in, an affiliate or an advertiser cannot work with any other network other than yours.

How to set up a White Label?

In the main menu select Network -> White label

This is the section for configuring a white label for your network.

You can use your custom domain for an affiliate and advertiser authorization page, as well as for all internal pages in the personal account of these users. You can learn more about the domain setup process here - https://hoqu.crisp.help/en/article/setting-up-white-label-custom-domain-1vj1ctm/.

Next, attach the file with the network logo, which will be displayed in the upper left corner; also attach files with privacy policy and user agreement. If necessary, you can disable the registration of the advertisers, making it possible only for affiliates.

In the Login Page Design tab, you can customize the colors of the personal account elements: select the color of the header of the personal account, as well as the color of the left menu.

In the Login Page Design tab, you can customize the design of the authorization page for affiliates and advertisers. You can customize the following: text on the authorization page, colors, metadata (title, description, keywords) and images (favicon, logo, etc.).

During the customization process, you can use the preview feature to track changes in real-time & to understand how the white label pages will be displayed to the real users.

Once you’re done, do not forget to save the changes.
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