How to use the Conversion Pixel?

Conversion Pixel is a special piece of code that is added to the landing page and provides advertisers with the ability to track user actions on the page after viewing or clicking on the ad.

On the main menu, go to the conversion pixels section:

Integrations -> Pixels Conversions

The page that opens will display a list of all generated conversion pixels. To create a new Conversion Pixel, use the "Add" button in the upper right corner.

A form will open to add a new Conversion Pixel.

The "Offer / Campaign" drop-down list contains a list of all offers and campaigns for which the Conversion Pixel setting is available. Select the desired offer / campaign. Next, select the macros you want to use in the HTML code. Important: macros must be specified together with \ {\}. When filled, they will be replaced with the corresponding values.

Next, specify the Conversion Pixel status: enable or disable. After all the details are entered, click the Add button to create the Conversion Pixel.

After the Conversion Pixel is created, it will appear in the Conversion Pixel Table. To copy the HTML code, you can use the corresponding button.

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