What is a pre-landing?

A pre-landing is a separate page or even a separate site that is needed to better identify and redirect targeted traffic to a full-fledged selling site / landing page.

How to add a pre-landing page?

In HOQU, a pre-landing is a part of the offer tools, along with landing pages, banners, promotional codes, etc.

To add a pre-landing, go to the section with offers:

Go to the page of the desired offer by clicking on its name, then go to the Promo tools tab.

Click on the Add -> Pre-landing button.

A modal window will open to add a new pre-landing.

Enter the name of the pre-landing, upload the zip file with the archive (no more than 50MB). Note: there should be an index.html file in the root of the archive.

When you click on the affiliate link, % LINK% in the <a href="%LINK%"> buy </a> (as an example), a pre-landing page will be replaced with a tracking link.

If the pre-landing page should not be available to all affiliates, check the Private box and specify the affiliates who will have access to the pre-landing page in the drop-down list.

Next, select the page status: active and inactive. Inactive pre-landing pages will not be visible to any affiliate.

After all the fields are filled in, click Save to create a new pre-landing.

After creation, information about the new pre-landing will appear in the Tools tab: the pre-landing ID in the system, its name, status, tracking link (generated automatically), affiliate access, buttons for downloading the archive, editing pre-landing and deleting the pre-landing options.

After creating a pre-landing, the data on it will be available to all affiliates who have access to it in accordance with the settings.
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