What is a landing page?

A landing page is a small client's website, completely tailored to ensure that the client arrives at it to perform the targeted action (leaving a request, leaving his or her contact information, placing an order, etc.). This site will receive traffic from affiliates. One offer can contain several landing pages.

How to add a landing page?

In HOQU, a landing page is one of the offer tools. To add a landing page, go to the Offers section:

Select the desired offer and click on its name. Next, go to the Promo Tools tab.

To add a new landing page, click the Add -> Landing. The landing page setup page will open.

Indicate the following data:

A landing page name.

A tracking link: a link where traffic from affiliates will go.

If necessary, specify the required macros that will be added to the tracking link (parameters that will be transmitted when the user clicks on the link). The click ID macro is required. You can also select UTM tags and SubIDs.

If necessary, provide a link to the preview for the landing page. This is a link to the landing page. It is shown to the affiliate before he creates an offer campaign.

If you want to hide the preview link from affiliates, check the “Hide link” box.

If the landing page should be available only for specific affiliates, check the “Private” box, and in the drop-down list select the required affiliates who will have access to this landing page.

Indicate the status of the landing page: active or inactive. If the landing page has an inactive status, it is not available for webmasters.

After all the required fields are filled in, click the Add Landing button. The new landing page will appear on the Promo tools page of the offer.

The Promo tools page contains the following information about landing pages of the offer: HOQU landing page ID, landing page name, link to the landing page, macros (hover to see the full list of macros), a preview link for affiliates, status, a list of affiliates with access to a pre-landing page, edit and delete buttons, etc. As part of the offer, you can create an unlimited number of landing pages. If traffic goes to a deleted or inactive landing page, then it will be re-directed to the default landing page.

When creating an offer, a landing page is created automatically. If necessary, you can add an unlimited number of new landing pages.
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