How to add a payment service through which payments will be made to affiliates?

To do this, go to the Network -> Payment Methods section

The page provides information on all payment methods for your network: name and description, status (active or inactive), payment service.

To create a new method, click the Create button in the upper right corner. A modal window for creating a new payment method will open.

Select a payment service. If necessary, add a new one by clicking on the "Add service" button. A form for creating a new payment service will open. Fill in the required fields: name and description of the service, then click "Add payment service".

The new service, as well as its description, will appear in the form of payment methods.

Then fill in the required fields: name and description of the payment method. Specify the type of commission for withdrawing funds: percent or fixed. Then the value of the commission. Select your currency using the dropdown list. Next, specify the restrictions on the amount of withdrawal: the minimum and maximum value.

Create at least one form in the "Fields for filling in by affiliates" section. It will be shown to affiliates when filling out a withdrawal request. Specify the name of the field, if necessary, an information hint. Use the "Required field" checkbox to indicate whether this field is required for affiliates. If you need to add multiple fields, click the Add button.

After all the required fields are filled in, click the Create button.

New payment method will appear in the table.

By default, the created payment methods have the status Active and are available for affiliates to use. If you need to change the status to inactive, click on the ellipsis on the side, then Deactivate.

By clicking on the More button, a modal window with information about the payment method will open.

To edit the payment method, click Edit, to delete - Delete.

How an affiliate can request a payment can be found in this article -

How to handle requests for payments from affiliates?

Go to Finance -> Payment requests.

This page provides information on all requests of affiliates for payment of rewards.

To process your withdrawal request, click on the three dots to the right.

Then select an action: confirm or reject.

Confirmation of the request indicates that you are ready to pay the affiliate.

A modal window will appear with information about the affiliate's details and request details.

It is important to take into account that HOQU does not process payment transactions, therefore, to transfer funds according to the details specified by the affiliate, you must use the personal account of the selected payment system.

After clicking the Pay button, the request status will change to "Paid", and the affiliate’s wallet balance will decrease by the amount paid. The status of the payment request in the affiliate's profile will also be updated.
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