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A rate is a financial model of mutual settlement between an advertiser, a network and an affiliate within an offer. The rate contains information about the targeted action for which type of payment the affiliate will receive a reward, as well as the advertiser's rate and the network's commission.

How to set up a rate?

On the offers page, select the desired offer and click the Edit button. Or Create Offer if it has not been created yet. More information about creating an offer can be found in the article.

Next, go to the Rates tab.

The table will contain a list of all previously created rates and information about them. To create a new rate, click the Add button.

A modal window for creating a new rate will open.

Fill in required fields:
Action - the name of the target action (lead, conversion, order, etc.) of the rate, which will be displayed in the offer card and used during integration. The name can only consist of letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. Without spaces.
Action description (visible for affiliates).
Payment model: CPA (payment for a specific action) or Recurring payments (The recurring payment model is a model in which the client, referred by the affiliate to the advertiser, makes recurring payments for a certain period of time, depending on the integration settings).
Payment type:
Fixed - an affiliate will be paid a fixed fee for a confirmed conversion.
Percent - an affiliate will receive a percentage of the cost that the attracted client paid for the conversion (order).
Specify the advertiser's cost for a fixed billing model, or a percentage for a percentage billing model.
An example of a calculation for a fixed payment type: at an advertiser's rate of $200. and the network commission is 10%, the actual network commission will be $20, and the default payout is 90% or $180. For the percentage rate: specify the value of the advertiser's rate in %, for example 5; network commission percentage (for example, 10%). In this case, if the client buys goods for $200, the webmaster will receive 200 0.05 0.9 = $9.
Specify Network Commission: The percentage of the commission that will be credited to the network. An example of calculating a payout with a network commission of 6%.

Specify optional parameters if necessary:
Action alias is an alternative name for the action that can be used during integration.
Payment template (for a recurring payment model).
Rate type:
Public (applicable for all affiliates within this offer).
Private (applicable only to your chosen webmasters).
Activate - to activate the rate immediately (by default, the created tariff is inactive).

After all the fields are filled in, click the Save button to add a new tariff. Next, save the offer.

Information about new rate will appear in the Offer Information tab, the Tariffs section. Here you can find information about all rates for this offer: active and inactive.

If necessary, change the activity status of the offer using the switcher on the right.

Information only about active tariffs is presented in the Active tariffs tab of the offer.

Important: an offer without active rates cannot be activated. Affiliates will not be able to work with an offer without its rates.

Visibility for affiliates

After creating and activating a rate, information about it will be available to the affiliate when creating a campaign.


Information about rates is available in the HOQU reporting section.

In the conversions section, in the Rate column.

In the reports section, you can select grouping by Action.

Or use the Action filter.

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