Set the basic settings for joining the network in the Network → Settings section

Visibility Settings are made separately for merchants and affiliates

When visibility is turned on, the network is displayed in the general list of networks for merchants and affiliates who will be able to send applications for joining the network.
A network with disabled visibility settings will function as a private network. In this case, the invitation of merchants and affiliates to the network is carried out by the network using an invite link.

When the Autoapprove is enabled in the general settings section, all applications for joining the network will be confirmed automatically. Otherwise, applications are approved or rejected by the network manually.
When you enable Autoapprove, specify a network manager to be automatically assigned as a personal manager for the joined members.

Click the Save button to save all the changes.

The specified managers will be further displayed in the Network → Managers subsection labeled "Default".

On the right, the questions of the Application form for joining the network is configured. The questionnaire is filled out by a future network participant when sending an application for joining the network. The questions of the questionnaire are configured separately for merchants and affiliates.

If you will need the same types of data for all of you to make a decision on the application for joining, include the question in the questionnaire. Click " + " to add a question, and " - " to delete a question.
By default, questions will be displayed in English. Go to the Russian tab if you wish to add a russian version of the question. The question will be displayed in Russian for those who choose Russian as the interface language.
Questionnaire will appear both for those who send an application to join the network on their own, and for those who join the network via the provided link.
Click the Save button to save all the changes.
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