The functionality allows you to use a personal mail domain of the network when sending emails to participants. Thus, after setting up the mail domain, users will receive letters on behalf of the network, and not HOQU.


To set up a mail domain, the network must have a White Label configured and active.

Setting up a custom mail domain

Go to the Network -> White Label section, then the E-Mail Domain tab.

Specify your E-mail domain and the Sender E-mail from which users will receive letters to their mail. Next, click the Save button.

DNS records will appear, which are required to confirm ownership of the domain.

Adding a CNAME record on the side of your hosting (for example, my.freenom.com)

In order to confirm ownership of the domain, on the side of your hosting provider, you need to register the specified CNAME records. Let's do this using the example of my.freenom.com/

Log in to your personal account. Let's go to the Services -> My Domains section.

Next, go to the Manage Domains section

Next Manage Freenom DNS

Add new CNAME records and save the changes.

Next, return to HOQU and click the Verify Domain Ownership button.

If all records are registered correctly, after clicking the button, the status of the mail domain will change to "Confirmed".

Custom email domain configured - all emails to network members will be sent from this address.
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