A promo code is one of the types of promotional tools in offers. It is a code, consisting of letters or numbers or both. A promo code gives a user the right to purchase a product or service on certain preferential terms.

How it works

The network adds information about promo codes to the Promo tools section of the offer. Affiliates place promo codes along with a tracking link on their resources. Users, following the tracking link to the advertiser's website, apply a promo code and receive preferential terms when purchasing a product or service.

In case, a promo code is unique for a certain affiliate, no tracking link is needed.

How to add a promo code

To add a promo code for an offer, on the offer page, go to the Promo tools tab.

Then click the Add button -> Promo code

A pop-up window will open with a form for adding a promo code.

Fill in the required fields, such as Name and Description. The promo code name should be without spaces. For example, “SALE20”. Next, fill in the information about the conditions for using the promo code in the Description box. For example, we will indicate "Get a 20% discount when placing an order using the promotional code SALE20 until July, 30th."

If necessary, check the Private box. When you check the box, a form for selecting campaigns for which this promo code will be visible can be selected.

By default, the promo code is visible for all campaigns. If the promo code should be available only for a specific campaign, check the box and select the required campaign in the drop-down list. When checked and saved, the information about the promo code will be available only for the affiliate of the selected campaign.

Another difference between private and non-private promo codes, mentioned above, is that private promo codes can be used without the tracking link. In case of correct integration, the conversion will be linked to the promo code. You can read more about integration by promo code here (article will appear later).

For public promo codes, the use of a tracking link is mandatory.

If necessary, indicate the status of the promo code: active, and it will be available to affiliates, and inactive if the promo code needs to be hidden for all affiliates.

Next, click the Add button to create a promo code.

When the page reloads, the promo code will appear in the list of promo codes.

You can change its name, description, status or list of campaigns it’s available for at any time by clicking on the edit button on the right. Or, you can remove the promo code by clicking on the delete button.
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