General information

Subscription is the current rate of the affiliate network. All networks on HOQU can take advantage of a free trial period of 30 days, after which it is necessary to choose a rate. More details on the characteristics of each rate can be found on the official HOQU website in the pricing section If necessary, you can change your rate at any time.

Subscription management

To change your rate, go to Network -> Settings -> Subscription.

The Network subscription management section will provide information about the current rate, its duration, and the next rate. To change your rate, click the Change subscription button.

A modal window will open for changing your current rate.

Select a new subscription from the list of proposed drop-down list.
Next, choose if you want to stay on the current subscription until its expiration date. If yes, switching to a new subscription and payment will take place after the end of the current subscription. If not, you will switch to a new subscription and pay for it immediately. Attention: money for an unused period at the previous rate will not be refunded.
Next, check the box for agreeing to the terms of use and click Change button. The subscription will be changed in accordance with the terms and conditions.
To track changes in subscriptions and payments for the subscription, use the Billing history section.

It contains all the information about attempts to pay for your subscriptions for all time.
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