All campaigns for all offers are displayed in the Campaigns section. Campaigns are automatically grouped by offers. To display campaigns with specified characteristics, use the filter at the top.
To get a detailed campaign data, click on the campaign name or three dots on the right → the More button.

New Campaigns that have been created by affiliates will be displayed with the status “Created”.

As an affiliate activates the campaign, the status changes to “Active”.

In case the Network ticked Moderate campaigns when creating an offer (Offers → Create offer → Working conditions → Moderate campaigns), affiliates will have to send campaigns to moderation before they will be activated.

Campaign that is sent to moderation will have the “Pending” status. After campaign is approved by the Network, the status will change to “Active”. In case the Network declines the campaign, the campaign will have “Declined” status.

Campaign will have a “Paused” status in case the offer is stopped and case the campaign is stopped by an affiliate, or the offer to which the campaign is created is paused or disabled.

Approving campaigns

This step is needed only in case the Network ticked the “Moderate campaigns” box when creating an offer (Offers → Create offer → Working conditions → Moderate campaigns). In this case campaign will become active only after it is approved by the Network.

To approve the campaign click on the three dots at the selected campaign with the “Pending” status → Activate. Click on Decline to decline the campaign. A rejection reason that you will indicate in the appeared window will be further displayed for you and for an affiliate created this campaign.
In case the campaign is declined, the affiliate will be able to edit it and to sent the campaign to moderation again.

Declining campaigns

Any campaign created to the network offers can be declined by the Network. Click on the three dots on the right → the Decline button to decline a campaign. The campaign status will be updated to "Declined" if the campaign is rejected successfully.
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