Information on all advertising campaigns of the affiliate is available in the My Workspace -> Campaigns section. The main section table displays the name of the campaign, the total number of leads over the last 7 days, the average conversion rate over the last 7 days, and the total earnings for the same period.
Use the filter above to display on-screen campaigns with a specific status, or related to a specific offer.

Click on the name of the campaign to get more detailed information about it:
• name, date of creation and status
• link to the offer for which the campaign was created
• number of clicks
• number of leads
• percentage of conversion
• earnings in the currency of the tariffs of the offer

Information on all leads for all campaigns is available in the Conversions section. The data is generated in real time. To display the leads on a page with specific parameters (status, advertising campaign, etc.), use the filter above.

New leads have the “New” status. After the lead has been confirmed by the advertiser, the status will change to “Approved”. The lead will be automatically confirmed after the indicated hold time has expired.
Rejected leads will receive the “Declined”status. The reason for rejection, if it is indicated, can be viewed by clicking on the information icon about the status.
Detailed information about the lead can be viewed by clicking on the three dots on the right. The Transaction button will allow you to see the transaction associated with the lead to pay rewards for the confirmed lead.
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