An affiliate (webmaster, Publisher, advert) — a professional marketer (or a group of marketers within a single account in an affiliate network) who advertises the product or service for merchants and receives a cash reward for the target action of the client.

CPA is a payment model that assumes payment for specific actions. There are many ways to pay for an action, and the most popular ones are:
СPL: Cost per lead — payment for an application/action.
CPS: Cost per sale is a payment for a confirmed sale.
CPO: Cost per order — payment for an order.
CPC: Cost per call — payment for a call.
CPI: Cost per install — payment for the installation of an application.
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Affiliate Networks (CPA Networks) — services in the sector of affiliate marketing, offering affiliates remuneration on the basis of the CPA model and providing merchants services necessary for the establishment of affiliate programs. Affiliate networks charge merchants for customer actions, pay commissions to affiliates and charge commissions for the service.

Offer — an advertising proposal to attract targeted activities from merchants or affiliate networks.

Tracking — tracking of many different campaign metrics in the affiliate marketing process. For example — time, source, or number of target activities.

Lead — the target action of a customer in response to an ad campaign: sales, order, call, register, application installation (install), etc.
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