What is a pre-landing?

A pre-landing is a separate page or even a separate site that is needed to better identify and redirect targeted traffic to a full-fledged selling site / landing page.

Working with pre-landing pages

Go to the section My workspace -> Promo Tools, then go to the Pre-landings tab.

This page will display a list of all available pre-landing pages for all offers that have at least one campaign created by you.

Also, the list of pre-landing pages for a specific offer can be viewed when going to the Promo Tools tab on the desired offer page.

The following information will be provided on a pre-landing: the pre-landing ID in the system, its name, a preview link, page type (public - available to all affiliates within the network, or private), buttons for downloading the archive and copying the tracking link.

Next, you need to set up the transition from a pre-landing page to a landing page. To do this, you must first create a campaign within the offer with pre-landing pages, and then go to the Promo Tools -> Pre-landings section.

Click on the Edit button to open a modal window for setting up a link to a pre-landing.

Select a landing page URL to which traffic from the pre-landing page will be redirected. If needed, write additional parameters that will be passed in the link.

Next, you can copy the resulting tracking link and use it to switch the user from the pre-landing to the landing page. When downloading the pre-landing, your tracking link with the specified parameters will be inserted into it automatically.
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